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Profile: Petros Philippakos | cymVolon

Profile: Petros Philippakos

Authentic Profile
First name Petros
Last name Philippakos
Country  Greece, East Mani
Attributes Business

Petros Philippakos was born in Athens (he is of East Mani origin), Greece. He completed his studies in computer programming and analysis (Control Data Ins.) but then took up a business career. In parallel to his professional role, he is also interested in culture. Amongst his professions in art are those of music composing, poetry, writing, theatrics directing, drawing, development of digital images, etc.

Regarding his acting interests, he made the first of his few public appearances in 1987, as a script writer and director assistant; but also as an actor, scenographer assistant, stage-designer, lyricist and singer for the satiric play “Cotton Club” that was staged in the Orpheus Amphitheater in Kos Island of Greece.

To the present day he is a principal shareholder and founder member of a major company (that it’s main field of action is the internet) based in Cyprus with a world-wide span. At the same time he curry on with his artistic endeavors by producing or taking part in cultural events hosting also his own projects and pieces of work. He is also the producer and manager of professional and career advising seminars, and tutorials regarding personal relationship and business management. He is also organizing and participating in philosophical seminars, through which he is suggesting the practice of a new global economy management system, that is apt to the world wide attempt to reprogram and evolution of the global mechanics of economy. This new management system is supported and applied also by cymVolon Ltd.

Some Works:

(Lyrics and Scenario)
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    Helen Says:


  2. 2
    Jack Paul Dumfred Says:

    I have an early photograph with Mr. Petros Philippakos at Athens’ Hilton Hotel (year 1993 or 1994), can I send it?

  3. 3
    Francois Pier Says:

    If that is the case, please do inform Mr.Philippakos about the photograph, so that he may allow cymVolon to publish it. You can also send us a personal message (or your e-mail) so that to forward them to Mr.Philippakos for that reason.

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    Liz Says:

    Please upload more works!

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    Leroy Schneider Says:

    Really nice profile!

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    Donna Alamanou Says:

    I agree…

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    Henry Gallant Says:

    Profile of Petros Philippakos is very nice!

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    Amanda Tarner Says:

    Like! – Smiling Cherry Tomatoes are excellent!

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    Tanya Fabianski Says:

    Thanks for your cooking recipes!

  10. 10
    George Hill Says:

    Very nice website!

  11. 11
    Gladys Alley Says:

    Can you pls translate in English your comments for Scaros?

  12. 12
    Paloma Falcao Says:

    I like cymvolon.com!

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    Christina Carbal Says:


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    Helen Fassbinder Says:

    Very nice website!

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