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Documentary: Stonehenge Rediscovered | cymVolon

Documentary: Stonehenge Rediscovered


In their majority, great mysteries seem to be just cases of forgotten knowledge or lore. Thus Stonehenge follows those same principals. Cracking its meaning and purpose, demands a deep understanding of both culture and psychology of the part of the humanity that was made for and by.

Having said that, it’s made clear that in order to understand the purpose of Stonehenge monument, we have to compare it with other prehistoric findings that we know of. This documentary does link a great number of artifacts and prehistoric sights, and investigates the impact of sudden climate changes to the lives of prehistoric societies.

According to the documentary, religious unrest can also be a driving force behind the construction of monuments of this volume. In this way the magnitude of those places could serve as an inspiration of knowledge and peace.

index: Archaeology, Geography, History

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