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Profile: Daniel of Tyrnavos | cymVolon

Profile: Daniel of Tyrnavos

Daniel of Tyrnavos

Daniel was from Tyrnavos in Thessaly. His birth must have occurred in the first decade of the 18th century. It remains, for the time being, unclear how he moved from Tyrnavos to Constantinople. In Constantinople, Daniel studied with cantor Panagiotes Haladzoglou († 1748). Daniel served the Great Church of Christ as a Domestikos (the older known mention is from 1734), a Lampadarios (older known mention in 1740) and a Protopsaltes (since 1770, when he succeeded John from Trebizond). In the codex Xeropotamou 318 (an autograph by archdeacon Nikephoros Kantouniares from Chios at the beginning of the 19th century), where Daniel is mentioned more periphrastically: Daniel Protopsaltes of the Great Church, student of Panagiotes Haladzoglou, in the 17th century the only one with profound knowledge of music and the only one who excelled at the composite lessons. The contact of Daniel with Zakharias Khanendeh created an interesting “musical interaction”.

On June the 15th of the year 1770, according to the testimony of a deacon named Ananias, preserved in codex Gregoriou 37, fol. 17v: “In the year 1770, on June the 15th, in a horrible fire that broke on Wednesday morning, the house of Daniel the Protopsaltes, in the Phanar, was completely burned. I register this for the readers to remember.” Βy Chrysanthos from Madyta, we know exactly the time, date and year of Daniel’s death. Ιn 1789, 23 December, Saturday at 12 o’clock.

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