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Cherubic Hymn: 1st mode, maqam saba (Octoechos) | cymVolon

Cherubic Hymn: 1st mode, maqam saba (Octoechos)


The Cherubikon, or Cherubic Hymn, is the troparion normally sung at the Great Entrance during the Byzantine liturgy. The hymn is sung in the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Eastern Catholic Churches. The hymn symbolically incorporates those present at the liturgy into the presence of the angels gathered around God’s throne. source: wikipedia.org

index: Byzantine Music, Divine Liturgy / Mass

Music Videos:

Composer: Charis Trasanis“Cherubic Hymn” (maqam saba), first mode

Protopsaltis George Kossenas

The chanter’s of the choir are:

Charis Trasanis

George Kossenas

Charalampos Kalapanidas

Polycarp Tympas

Recorded in November 2014.

Music Scores:

Byzantine notation
“Cherubic Hymn” 
(maqam saba)-first mode
Western notation
“Cherubic Hymn” 
(maqam saba)-first mode
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