You Will Be Surprised To Find How Much Space Lies Behind This Hobbit Door!


It’s quite surprising to know that an underground basement lies behind this tiny door. Because an underground basement is always cold, even in the summer, you can store provisions and materials even when it’s summer.

While it’s quite practical as an underground basement, we couldn’t help but notice than in the summer, the house is covered entirely with grass, while in the winter snow makes it look even more beautiful. While this architect to use it as an underground basement to keep provisions, you can actually turn it into a children’s playhouse, for your little ones. If they’re a fan of Lord of the Rings then that would be an even better reason to turn into a Hobbit-themed playhouse.


Another interesting idea for this room would be to turn it into a relaxation room. These possibilities are nearly endless and we’re sure that everyone would like to have a tiny hobbit house in their backyard that they can use it as a place to relax, as an underground basement, or a children’s playhouse.

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